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Thai Traditional Wedding

Many a Thai traditional wedding is still arranged and takes place with adherence to centuries old traditions. Hotels and wedding companies offer packages that replicate the key elements of these traditions in a beautiful ceremony available to non-Thai bridle couples living or holidaying in the Kingdom.  Thailand Wedding Photographers can capture those special moments for you.

The Thai traditional wedding ceremony is basically not a religious affair even though monks are very much part of the proceedings early in the morning on the main day.  There are many variations of a traditional Thailand wedding which differ from the north to the south; specifically rural areas generally incorporate more of the age-old customs than the central areas of Thailand.  As in the West, the wealthier you are the more elaborate the wedding.  Usually, an astrologer is involved in picking the most auspicious day to marry.  Additionally, many of the functions are organised to start at specific times that will bring good luck and prosperity to the bride and groom.  As a Westerner planning a Thai wedding this may not be of importance but for Thais the exact date and timing of the important activities are crucial.

Preparations for the Wedding Day

A Thai Wedding will most often take place at a private house, usually at the home of one of the bride’s relatives but there is no fixed rule here. Having photographed a number of Thai weddings, the night before the big day is usually a hive of activity in the venue household. In more rural areas many friends and relatives will gather together to prepare food for the following day.

Thais upcountry tend to sleep early anyway but I was warned that the morning was going to kick off ultra-early so we bedded down for the night at about 10 pm. I think it was 4 .30 am that the cock started crowing and I was awake but as you might have guessed the most of the household was already up and into the morning preparations. I was going to be using a couple of Canon 1D MK III’s and 85 1.2 and 16-35 2.8 lenses

Thai Traditional Wedding Day

As the sun started to rise I saw the bride and groom in their Thai style finery and asked if I could do a couple of shots while they were getting ready and before the monks arrived.

Some parts of the wedding day, such as the blessing by monks in the morning, will only be attended by relatives and close friends of the bride and groom. Thailand Wedding invitations list the times that each of the most important ceremonies start. The timing of the wedding events are set to ensure good luck and will commence usually at an auspicious time such as 09.09 (9 is a lucky number in Thailand……. Please click HERE to read the full story!

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