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Golf Course Photography Proposal


Golf Course Photography

Photographer Colin Dunjohn is primarily a sports and corporate events photographer with an emphasis on high end golf tournaments and large-scale corporate conventions. Having started his career in hotels and golf course management and playing golf for 20 years, Colin also has an understanding of the golf environment, marketing and a strong background in creating visuals for today’s challenging world of websites and social media.

When not photographing, Colin also builds and maintains corporate WP websites for a few select clients, managing their search engine optimization (SEO) and social media footprint. Colin Dunjohn is based in Bangkok, Thailand but travels throughout the Asian region for golf and event photography.

Coffee-table book Shots

These are usually landscape shots with an eye to beauty, highlights and shadows and dramatic skies.  The emphasis is on the picture not necessarily its relevance to the golfer. If you can achieve both then it’s usually a stunner. (camera and drone)

Hero Shots

Similar to the above but with more attention to realistic angles that the golfer may encounter during their rounds. Signature holes would feature here as well as clubhouse external vistas and internal amenities. (camera and drone)

Golfer’s View Shots

These are shots taken from eye-level and when possible, using any naturally raised areas that the golfer may be playing a shot from. (camera)

Hole by Hole

Similar to golfer’s view shots but using a ladder, golf cart or a drone to get more elevation. Used on websites for hole-by-hole and scorecards usually and taken at any time of the day.

Clubhouse Exterior and Interior

At the client’s behest, we can do interior and exterior clubhouse shots in either natural light or evening settings.

Branded Generic

Again, at the client’s behest we can shoot various branded items like golf balls, pin flags, scorecards etc for website and other marketing purposes.

Golf Course Photography Planning and Preparation

The ideal time to take those coffee-table book and hero photos of a golf course are sunrise and sunset. Planning and preparation are essential!  We scout the venue to see which holes will benefit most from straight on sunlight, side lighting and rear sunlight. Timing is everything to catch the interplay between shadows and sunlight to the maximum effect.

TPCKL Sunlight Map for golf course photography

Photos at eye level are essential, however, elevating our camera angles by 10-30 feet creates a more stunning visual when possible. To do this we use a combination of drone photography, shooting from a 10ft ladder or even the roof of a golf cart.

Course preparation is paramount in getting the best shots.  It should be almost like preparing for a tournament. Striped fairways, raked bunkers, the appropriate pin flags and minimum of personnel obstructing shots wherever possible.

Golf course photography like tournament preparation

We cannot emphasise enough that Photoshop is an essential ingredient to good golf course photography and Colin is both a Photoshop and Lightroom expert. If we have to remove unwanted objects in pictures we can.  If the skies need to be enhanced – no issue.  Colour grading is often a personal choice and often we will produce 2-3 variations of a photo to satisfy different tastes.  HDR photography where we take 3 shots of the same image at different exposures and combine them is also a technique we employ to maximise the dynamic range of the finished images. We need to be prepared to combat haze and various weather conditions but choosing the most beneficial time in the year to shoot the golf course is paramount.

Golf Course Photography Pricing

First off, how long does it take to shoot a golf course? – all things being perfect, a day of planning and 2 days to shoot would be the ultimate scenario!  That rarely happens!

We usually recommend that we arrive on a Saturday and utilise Saturday and Sunday for planning while the golf course is at its busiest.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for shooting and if necessary, be prepared to stay on for the Thursday and Friday if the situation necessitates.

For further pricing information drop us a line by email or directly on WhatsApp

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Bangkok Photographer

Originally from London, my career has been entirely with top rank firms. I started in catering and hotel management (Peninsula Group HK, China, S.Korea) where I learned the importance of GOOD SERVICE. Next, a spell with one of the world’s leading club management groups (CCA, HK, Taipei, Singapore) which taught me the need to build repeat business by ensuring a FRESH and INNOVATIVE approach at all times.

Then a long career in Sports Management with one of the most internationally famous and highly regarded firms (IMG). There, GOALS and OBJECTIVES had to be met, with client’s BRAND and CORPORATE interests always taking pole position.

In 2004 I started in photography – turning a lifetime hobby into a new career opportunity. And with all my experience, event photography just comes naturally. My mission: to provide my clients with the highest level of service… heavily skewed to brand and corporate exposure, capturing decisive moments and meeting pre-defined goals and objectives.

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