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Monks Bangkok – Morning Alms Round

Monks Bangkok – Morning Alms Round

Bangkok Monks receiving alms

The Morning Alms Round was arranged to worship the Lord Buddha and to celebrate the 2,600th Anniversary of the Enlightenment Day of the Lord by monks Bangkok. In order to strengthen and maintain Buddhist culture and to collect rice and dried food, the activity was planned. The effort was also to help the monks in 286 temples, teachers, soldiers, police and people in four Southern provinces. Particularily the South where unrest has been rife. Furthermore the gathering of Bangkok monks was to help disaster victims all around the country.


Pindapdta is a Pali word literally meaning the receiving of rice in an alms bowl. Monks are forbidden to cook or prepare their own meals. Monks must wait for food to be offered to them, if none is offered, then they must fast.

Lord Buddha stated that monks must seek alms so that they will have enough time to meditate and study the teachings. This was to ensure that they were not tired from the preparing of food. If monks spent their time worrying about making food everyday, it would be more difficult for them to focus their mind on meditation.

Lord Buddha taught that seeking alms was an integral part of being a monk.


Bhikkhu means someone who depends on alms gathering.  What then is the difference between a monk, and a regular beg­gar on the street? Monks also depend on alms gathering, and although this same word is used for beggars, the act in itself, is entirely different.

Begging on the street is an act of desperation and humiliation. A monk on the other hand, goes about begging (seeking alms) with humility and in a serene manner. A monk, does not ‘ask’ in the manner of a regular beggar, but presents himself in modest fashion to receive offerings.

Seeking Alms can take many forms:

1.  Bangkok Monks may travel around his community (door to door) and seek alms

2.  Relatives or friends may visit the temple to offer alms to monks

3.  Monks may be invited to the home of relatives or friends to be offered alms

The ceremony was held at Terminal 21 Asoke and photographed by Bangkok Photographer Colin Dunjohn @ 5 Rings Photography

Bangkok Photographer

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